Poor Guy

The last call I received today began with “I can’t use my hotspot. Or my internet.”

After a short investigation it was found that his phone’s IMEI, a unique serial which is similar to a fingerprint, was blocked by Insurance for the reason of Stolen. Records then showed the poor guy reported the phone (which we will refer to as A moving forward) stolen, and Insurance sent a replacement (from hereon referred to as B) which he paid a hefty fee for, and which, according to UPS, was delivered successfully.

You can try this: on your dial pad, key in *#06# and your phone will show you its IMEI. I had him try it oh the web-less phone, and he gave me IMEI B. IMEI B? Oh, but he corrected himself, and this time gave IMEI A, the one with the block. Okay, could’ve just been an error on his part, he did say he was not too tech savvy and had a lot of things going on, what with his web not working and all. Poor guy. He still had his receipts. He goes on wanting to make sure his wife’s phone, same make, same model, her phone number on the same account, will be okay. No, sire, I’m working with just your phone number, and the phone you’re using on it, A. He said okay, just making sure.

And here goes. The poor guy said he never received B, but, luckily, he found the “stolen” a couple of days after he thought it was stolen. Okay. Still, poor guy. Of course, you’d want for the poor guy to get refunded for the fee since he never received B, and have IMEI B blocked so that the culprit who pilfered B will never be able to use it. I’d want that, so I had IMEI B escalated for the reason of Order Never Received. Standard procedure. Poor guy, he still doesn’t have a phone to use. So, the next step was to escalate the unblocking of IMEI A to a supervisor, who will get in touch with a manager, to get it done real quick. And Voila! IMEI A is unblocked. Shoulda solved the problem, right? “I still can’t use my hotspot. Or my internet.” I had the poor guy him A again for service. He takes his time, maybe he’s not very familiar with the phone yet. While he tried to send a text from A, like I asked him to, I checked the other phone numbers on the account to make sure all the others were okay. And LO!

Wife’s phone number had IMEI B on the Device History, and with usage from the exact date when UPS showed they delivered it!


Of course I couldn’t tell the poor guy outright that I know now he was pulling my leg. I was furious. Raving mad. So, so very angry. But of course, all the poor guy heard was an exaggerated, “Oh no, still not working? Darn it.” We’ll need a more personal touch. We have real people who can better examine the phone, if you can drop by one of our retail locations. Is there.. Oh you do? That’s perfect, and it’s so close! Tell you what, since you’ve got time left, we’ve only been on the phone for an hour and 10, let’s get you to that store right around the corner so we can get this baby surfing again. The poor guy, he mumbles. Then he goes, “Oh oh oh! Y’know, I think I know what’s wrong. You said *#06# right? When I tried it again..”

Enter IMEI C. “But when I look at the sticker at the back of the phone, y’know, under the battery, it gives me IMEI A..”

Oh. Wow. FUCKING LIAR. But of course, all the poor guy heard was an exaggerated, “Oh, but IMEI C is a not ours, we don’t sell stuff from this IMEI series. Oh, wow! First time I ever heard of something like this, witwiw! I must say, there’s something terribly wrong with that phone of yours.” Go visit the store, I said, get help in the store. I must’ve repeated the word ‘store’ a dozen times, my eyes screaming LIAR! CHEAT! THIEF! at the computer screen. My supervisor was again knocking on my desk top, I can hear him saying “End the call!” and pointing at his watch – one hour and twenty sumptin sumptin minutes.

Finally he said okay, he’ll go. He’s going now. Finally.

Greatwe’llbewaitinginstore’kaythanksforcallingm’bye. End of shift.

I cried. Out of sheer frustration, I really did. Just a little. I was duped. The poor guy must be laughing right now. He made a fool of me, and I was angry at myself for being so.. Gullible. It felt like 35000 Php fell out of my back pocket, and I didn’t even know when or where it happened. Plus the money wasn’t mine. Unforgivable. And all I wanted was to help the poor guy. That bastard.

A veteran on the job a little later told me that an IMEI blocked by Insurance can be unblocked by a manager, sure, but will most probably again be blocked by Insurance within more or less 72 hours. Or something like that. Plus, with the escalated Order Never Received request, the IMEI of the replacement will be blocked within the research team’s processing time, which, currently, is within eight days.

Ha. Hah. Hahah. Ahahahahahahahahahahpoorguyhahahahahah—

I must’ve been typing 180 words per minute. That call ended about four hours ago, but I’m still in a state of shock.

A year ago we stayed up till 3 am talking
And today I don’t know how to even say hey

Just before we got reshuffled, my team lead said he was resigning.

I never really minded anything much at work. I lost all interest in making friends there since an unfortunate-turned-nasty encounter with busybodies. I literally came and went in the office. But for the first time since I started working in this hole-in-the-earth city, I felt really sad and inexplicably lost when he gave me the news. I never even got to properly say thanks. I couldn’t find the words.

TL Funny Man, if I may say, you rock. Your tolerance for bullshit is unbelievable, your enthusiasm and positivity infectious. I’m envious. There was no malice or bias in the way you treated the people around you, no matter how sorry and ugly the picture became. Rest assured you did impart something good, I’ll vouch for it. I know you will continue inspire dead, disgruntled, and disillusioned characters, of course people in general, whereever it is you are riding off to. Take it easy on the alcohol, and on the bike upgrades. Best of luck!

People will stare. Make it worth their while.
— Harry Winston

Just because you miss someone, it doesn’t mean you should go back to them. Sometimes you have to just keep missing them until you wake up one morning and realise that you don’t anymore.
— Anonymous

I find it extremely stressful not being able to walk out on unlikeable people, or on everyday people who suddenly and randomly act in very unlikeable ways. I hate it when these people are my parents. I especially hate it because all that stress shows on my face.

People will kill you over time, and how they’ll kill you is with tiny, harmless phrases, like ‘be realistic’.
— Dylan Moran


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